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Fedasil info, the platform to get information for asylum seekers in Belgium!

Here you can find information in 12 languages concerning eight different theme’s: asylum and procedure, housing, life in Belgium, return; work, study, non-accompanied minors and health. This information will help you as an asylum seeker making choices concerning your future.


The Immigration Office manages the migration flows in collaboration with various partners. He ensures that the Law of 15 December 1980 and the Royal Decree of 8 October 1981 on access to the territory, residence, establishment and removal of foreigners are applied.

Het Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering offers background information concerning:

  • immigration law and international family law;
  • certification of social interpreters;
  • and education.

We are a Flemish government agency carrying out Flemish integration policy. The services we provide is based on the needs and demands of citizens, as well as on those of agencies and policy. This way, we are aiming for a society in which people’s origins no longer play a critical role.

Medimmigrant is a non-profit organization in Brussels Capital District focused around medical care for migrants. Founded in 1994, its original name was “Medical Support Service Undocumented Migrants”. The name changed in 2005 since we noticed that people with limited residence permits were also in need of information concerning access to health care.

Find here the most important report point and emergency numbers.
Ambulance and fire-brigade: 112
Police: 101
Tele-onthaal: 106
Refuge-shelter: 015 695 695
Dokter van wacht:  070 25 40 40
Violence-abuse-assault: 1712
(free of charge and anonymous)

As experts in transcultural psychiatry, we provide psychological care and support to young refugees and migrant children and their families. This target group battles with a range of complex psycho-traumatic issues, having gone through an often hellish journey fleeing war in their home countries. Solentra stands for Solidarity and Trauma.

“Offering accessible, high-quality and affordable housing within the boundaries of the city of Mechelen, with specific attention to vulnerable people. We want to offer our tenants a warm home.”

Housing service Mechelen's (Woonpunt Mechelen) objective is to rent and / or sell homes to specific target groups and at an affordable price. The various residential properties that we rent are located in Mechelen, Hombeek, Heffen and Leest.Housing service Mechelen (Woonpunt Mechelen) is managed by the board of directors and works with an executive committee.

SVK Mechelen works from the Social House, Lange Schipstraat 27 in Mechelen.

SVK Mechelen is verantwoordelijk voor het in huur nemen en verhuren van woningen in Mechelen.

Would you like to rent out your home without worries? Or are you looking for a home?
You are at the right place!

Lees here hoe je het best kan omgaan met vluchtelingenkinderen in het onderwijs